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Accommodations - Seasonsamount at Eureka or Bloemenduin


You can leave your caravan the whole season at one of our campgrounds and therefore you will belong to the family of campers that are at Eureka or Bloemenduin for some time.

All kinds of caravans are allowed. If desirable, there is the possibility to have connection to electricity and cable television as well as water supply and drainage.

The same goes for residential caravans, but before you report yourself in our campground, it’s necessary that you send some pictures from the outside of your caravan, because we only accept tidy and new caravans.

Prices from 1800 euro (from 15/03 till 30/10) and hibernation at 1500 euro (30/10 till 15/03).



Clauslaan 2
8670 Koksijde
T. +32 58 51 22 39


Abdijstraat 71
8670 Koksijde
T. +32 58 51 22 39

Gesloten van 1/11/2016 tem 1/4/2017
Closed from 1/11/2016 until 1/4/2017
Fermé du 1/11/2016 au 1/4/2017
Geschlossen von 1/11/2016 bis 1/4/2017